Born 1957 Live/work Nottingham, UK Education: 1995 Foundation Nottingham Clarendon College. 1996 BA Fine Arts Nottingham Trent University. My work centres around the idea of balance and separation. And stems from a deep fascination with colour, pigment, raw-state and manufactured materials. This has evolved into a painterly and sculptural use of products. By looking at the earth’s resources and uses, I am intrigued how these elements are effective in shaping our future. Mediums include: Synthetic, organic, inorganic colour. Industrial paints. House hold paints. Writers inks. Water and ice. Digital video. Perspex. Natural rubber. Olive oil. Olive wood. Muslin cloth. Khadi paper. Iron ore. Glass. Sand. Crude oil.  Monkey puzzle wood. Jet. Silver, and pearl. Having used 3D rendering techniques to show some works online. I am now also using moving image to include digital interpretations of my work. Occasionally writing in my art blog of 10 years : downbythewaterfront.  I have also contributed to online art-related publications. I find this adds enunciation to my work by connecting creative ideas and thoughts, while also discussing possible solutions to wider issues impacting the arts in general. contact me
Collaborative ventures since 2009 February 2010 #class premised by New York Artists Jennifer Dalton and William Powhida hosted by Winkleman Gallery.  The event Included my - Virtual Video :: Pessimists Optimists and Sceptics showcasing 3D replications of my work. Ed Winkleman from Winkleman Gallery posted his thoughts in his article : : Second Life And the Art of Motor Cycle Maintenance. At the same time having my review of the #class project mentioned alongside other contributors to the event posted by Sharon L Butler in the Huffington Post December 2010  #Rank Miami took #Class further into context at Art Basel Miami December 2010 with participatory online events and streaming. My thoughts and review were highlighted in a covering of the event by Brooklyn based Art Blog : Hyperallergic. I also participated in a joint video venture with @Platea’s I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Be There Project ::  Video here January 2011  Participated in @Platea’s Treeblogging event. An initial idea of inspiration and how it could be taken further by artists as they linked to each other’s online responses. A virtual tree of connected inspiration :: my video :: The Green Man : One  : Two  : Three February - October 2011  Took an art in context visit to the semi desert of Southern Spain producing a series of works connected with geographical and atmospheric elements. March 2012  Joined an on-going art project; #tweetart at Westgate Gallery, Harrogate Yorkshire. A monthly use of the gallery space throughout 2012 by Alice Bradshaw and Bob Milner linked to a cross city Art-Walk allowing artists from all locations to participate through twitter. With a contribution of two drawings from Flujo de Terreno. #Tweet Art Slide Show #Tweet Art Pictures   September 2012  Contributed to Garageland Magazine with film review “Austere architecture and human redemption in The Lives of Others”. June 2013  Took part in a collaborative event with 8 artists at Beinghuman Residency Exhibition 2013. Resulting in the audio visual installation Melt. May 2014   Visited New York. Specifically to see the 8th Bushwick Open Studios Event. Plus all the major museums, including Chelsea‘s changing commercial spaces. Lower East Side and Tribeca galleries of Postmasters and Brian Morris. Harlem’s Hispanic Museum. Along with Kara Walker’s Subtlety in the derelict Williamsburg Domino Sugar Factory. August 2014   Two concurrent articles published in Garageland review blog                        New York : Art City (Part One - Follow The Art)                        New York : Art City (Part Two - Escape From New York) September 2015 Venice Biennale. Including Rennaissance artworks of musuems and churches A planned visit to La Gomera (Canary Islands) to further document my interpretation of geological and atmospheric elements within the environment of subtropical semi deserts. My intention is to explore the drama and harshness that these deceptively beautiful environments tell through their geology, flora and fauna. La Gomera in particular has a unique micro climate, vegetation and volcanic geology.